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Writing Problems

When in doubt, suck.

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Jul 27 '13

Writing Problem #152

When everyone loves your terrible fluff fiction that has no substance, but don’t care when you finally write something with incredible characterization and depth of plot.

Jul 26 '13

Writing Problem #151

People who can write a full story non-stop when you have writer’s block.

Jul 25 '13

Writing Problem #149

Writing playlists.

Jul 24 '13

Writing Problem #147

Using your own past, changing some details and making a new character.

Jul 20 '13

Writing Problem #139

Constantly having to lie to your loved ones that your novel is almost done when you’ve just scrapped ten chapters the previous night and you’re starting over for the 1000th time.

Jul 19 '13

Writing Problem #136

Realizing you will never create a masterpiece.

Jul 17 '13

Writing Problem #133

When you think your idea is original, but someone else has a story with the same plot.