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Writing Problems

When in doubt, suck.
Apr 6 '14

teh-spoopy-quesadilla-foot asked:

Any advice about writing characters not in your age range? (In my case, being a teenager, writing a married couple in their late twenties-early thirties) I know I'm writing a fantasy novel, but I want their personalities to be realistic.

Research is your friend. Read for dummies books and blogs about early marriage. You know those dumb buzzfeed advice posts? They can actually come in handy. Ask your friends/parents/family friends. Read realistic fiction with folks in that age range. Ask yourself what you see yourself being in 10-20 years. Hope this helps! 

Disclaimer: This is what works for ME. I rely heavily on researching, but some people do better in talking to their friends. 

Mar 28 '14

Writing Problem #172 

Writing for so long your arm gets a cramp, and you seriously consider writing with your other hand because it’s so uncomfortable.

Jan 19 '14

Writing Problem #171 

When you think of an amazing line, go to get your notebook, and forget it.
Oct 18 '13

Writing Problem #170

When you have an amazing, exciting idea but you are too afraid to write because you worry you won’t do it justice.

Sep 25 '13

Writing Problem #169

When you’ve outlined an entire novel, but you can’t even write the opening line.

Sep 25 '13

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Sep 24 '13

Writing Problem #168

When I want want to write but I can’t get motivated.

Sep 21 '13

Writing Problem #167

When you don’t want to share your story with other people because you’re afraid they’ll think it’s too weird and judge you because of it.

Aug 27 '13

There are 100 of you people. Holy snickerdoodle. Welcome one and all. 

As always, I can always use submissions, as that is what runs this blog. Submit here!

Aug 27 '13

Writing Problem #166

None of your friends understand the huge difference putting a period instead of a comma can make.